I love this website.

I want to become more active in this board. I have posted before, but I can’t get my old accounts reactivated. I made sure to record the account credentials this time.

For myself, I had an incident when I was young which convinced me that advanced crafts are here. It is something that has frustrated me since then.

Allow me to be blunt. I have been reading this board for several years. Everything seems well intentioned. However, it seems like this board can’t quite find its footing.

Maybe that’s good. But I want to open it for discussion. There seems to be those that respond with scientific explanations and there are posts that immediately jump to the paranormal explanations.

Do you think maybe we should separate the forums? Or add another forum chategory? Perhaps ufo scientific and paranormal forums? Or do you think the categories work well the way they are?

Is there room for a purely scientific forum along with the others?

From what I have seen I think it would serve this comminuty if we made a honest attempt to do that. In any case, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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