UFO Report: “Looking Back – by Bob GribbleNovember 1956 – 40 Years Ago”

(National UFO Reporting Center, Davenport, Washington)

Quote from the report:
“A UFO flap covering the area of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota began on November 8th. The sightings, made during nearly every hour of the day and night, continued until December 2nd. More than 85 separate visual sighting reports from some 60 different localities were received from the three state area. Due to the unusually large number of reports, it was possible, in some instances, to determine that the same phenomenon was seen at widely separated areas. In other cases, the sighting reports indicate a great number of different objects were aloft at one time over different areas.”


Map of Minnesota(lib.utexas.edu)
(lib.utexas.edu map)

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