UFO Sighting in Layton, Utah on December 2nd 2015 – Hovering/ Flashing light. Darting at times

Last night 12/3/2015 around 10:45 ish my husband and I were going to bed. we noticed a light, brighter than a star. It was far away and it appeared to be east, below the little dipper. It was flashing and sputtering around and at times would dart across the sky and then back again. Sometimes the light would get brighter then dim again and seemed to go a slight green color and an orange color. At one point it actually disappeared and then came back. I called my brother who lived south of me to see if he could see it as well. He said he could but it was further South of him. WE didn���t know where our binoculars were so I got my phone out to see if I could zoom in on it to see if I could see it better. With the naked eye, through my phone, it appeared to be circular (like 6 small circles connected with each circle lit up). The phone only captured the light in the distance darting around. We watched it for about an hour and I decided to go bed as it late. It was still there. However, when I got up around 3 Am to go to the bathroom, it was gone.
The imagine/video on my phone is too big to attach.

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