UFO Sighting in Hollister, California on October 9th 2015 – I noticed something bright in the sky and went to get my phone to record it. I was recording and thought I saw two for a second blinking at each other and it was true. Link to video- [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg]

I was lying in bed when I noticed something very bright in the sky that looked as if it was passing by. I always notice strange things in the sky in the middle of the night, so I wanted to capture this. I started recording and noticed a second object appeared and they both started blinking. As I was recording and as I have seen many things in the past I start to get a feeling of extreme fear. I am not sure why, then it’s hard for me to get back to sleep. I always notice these types of things and my boyfriend thinks i’m crazy and “they” are going to take me, he plays around. But it really freaks me out though. I never lost sight of the object these things start happening from the night til’ morning.

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