UFO Sighting in Carbon, Indiana on June 9th 2013 – I saw the object myself.

I was checking on our cat outside about six am on a perfectly clear morning. It was just before the sun was up. As I was calling for the cat, I noticed a red object in the sky southwest. It was low, moving slow coming towards my direction.
As it got closer, I could make out it was round on the bottom, very large and flying low, maybe 4000 feet. It came straight in line with our home. As it got close, the lights went from red to white. It flew straight over our home, then changed back to red. I ran inside and woke my wife. She came outside and by then it was quite a bit east from us. It was so far by then, she could just see it as a light. But, there were more of them. There were seven. Three were in a line ,up and down. Perfectly straight line.
Off to the right was two of them, to the left was two more.
The one that came over our home had lights on the bottom as such… The outside edge was lit by red lights. Then the rows inside were squiggly. Think of a spoke wagon wheel where the spokes are squiggly.
I have never seen anything before or after this event. But I know what I saw and it was low and slow. It still messes with my mind as to what it was.

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