UFO Sighting in Polk City, Florida on October 15th 2013 – Watched Red/Orange sun like object slowly move across treetops toward the house through binaculars

I was staying at a friend’s house in Polk city and we had both woke up right before 4am. Both went outside to have a cigarette and I had brought my binoculars with me because of a previous time about a month or so before had seen something in the sky. So I am looking at the sky with my binoculars and I feel my friend grab me from my shoulders and literally pick me up to face me at his back yard instead of his side yard and he tells me I’m looking the wrong way. Well my mouth dropped. A couple houses back right above the treetops was a huge sun like object glowing red n Orange. It’s hard to describe, it had the brightness of the Sun so you could not see a physical shape as if it blinded you however it didn’t light up the night sky like a Sun would if that makes sense. It made no noise at all and just kept coming towards my friends house very slow motion kind of a hovering motion a slight up and down forward movement. My friend said he was going to run inside to grab his dad’s binoculars which I did not want him to leave me,if I had to give a distance at that point I would say maybe a house away as he went through his sliding back door to shut it I had turned around to see him when I turned back the orb/object was now almost direct above me and I could now see it was a round object with very tiny lights that went around the entire bottom every color you could imagine. Now as I’m watching the red/ Orange glow was dimming out at the same time the lights and shape started to show and within seconds it appeared to go in an upwards motion while dimming all lights and just disappeared completely. My friend came out a few seconds after and asked me where it was, I pointed up, lol. A minute later we both heard a couple of helicopters which sounded like the military but we never saw anything even though they sounded like they could just about land in the back yard. We should have been able to see the helicopters, I still think about that.

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