Donut Shaped UFO

According to Emily Windsor Cragg they’re called Sylths or Oh’s and look like donuts. They’re also called Coders and have access the codes for all life forms. They must have the ability to pull the codes from the field and manifest biological life.

A Donut UFO Appears On NASA Live Feed, But Suddenly Goes Off | Latest UFO sightings


NASA switched off a live feed of its camera on the International Space Station (ISS) less than a minute after a mysterious donut-shaped UFO appeared on screen, UFO investigators claimed.

A video on YouTube shows the round object that looks like having a hole in the middle. The object in question apparently appears in the distance and moves at the same speed and orbit with the ISS.

But in just less than a minute, the camera goes off to a blue screen entirely. Conspiracy theorists within the UFO community believe that it was done to hide evidence of UFOs from the public eyes.

nasa-ufo.png From above link.

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