UFO Sighting in Florida on November 25th 2015 – 2 object flew over head silnet all you could hear was them cutting though the air they started to glow after over the gulf then turned west

It’s was late at night couldn’t sleep so I had got up and walked down to the river to set on the the dock. I had been there about 10 to 15 mins I heard this sound up above me like somthing was flying fast though the air. I didn’t even hear it untill it past me then after about 3 seconds you couldn’t hear that. I looked up and seen 2 dark Objects flew past 250 to 500ft over head. No lights of any type. It was completely silent for the most part all you could hear was them cutting though the wind/air.. I’m now thinking to myself what is that ducks maybe it is that time of year for them to be in the area. But ducks don’t fly at night normally but they do roost right around the gulf right in the detection these things were heading I guess that’s what it was I say to myself.. This is were you gone think I’m crazy these objects are just seconds away from being out of sight now the are over the gulf now they make a turn back to the west and one stars glowing orangesh red then the second one starts glowing. they keep heading west untill over the marsh they seam to be running the tree line right at the marsh the one speeded up and went out of sight. but the other slowed down and looked as if it came to a complete stop and was hovering and started to move up and down like a yoyo it dun that for about 30 to 45 seconds And then it started getting real dim then on a down stroke it went out or somthing .i set there about 2 more hours but nothing I get up and head back to the house .after I get back home I think I could see it though the trees I could see somthing .so I jump in the car ride back down to the river but it was gone I did see a light though the trees but can’t be a 100% if it was the same thing . I have no idea what the heck it was but I can tell you this I’ve lost some sleep over it since then

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