Black Triangle Sighting in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on December 6th 2015 – Five lights rotating in a circle. 3 in a triangular pattern, 2 in a line across from the triangle. The 2 dots would change directions and shoot across the circle and back and forth rapidly.

I was taking my dog out and heard all the dogs in the neighborhood barking. I noticed some lights moving in the sky overhead. There were five lights that appeared to be shining through the cloud cover as if the objects were above the clouds and the light was shining through. 3 lights were in a triangular pattern and across from there were 2 more lights in a linear form. They all rotated in a circular pattern. The 2 linear lights would sporadically dart back and forth or across the circle but the 3 lights that formed a triangle were stationary as it moved around the circle. At one point, my satellite dish went out for around 5 minutes.

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