“Grays” homeworld star system

Hi folks and fellow seekers. I came across this site the other day while seeking information on a small cube used by the Grays as a nutritional supplement. I however came across cloudman and his plea for help. I joined to explicitly share what I knew about his experience and was quite worried for him as a doctor had diagnosed him with bipolar. Which btw was startling since that should at least take several weeks of observation.
Btw my name is BTL which is an acronym for Behind the Line. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve been a little startled by the amount of people claiming to know so much yet their beliefs are just idealistic fantasies seem to just mislead them further down the rabbit hole.
In thread I’m going to have a bit of a competition. There will be no prize other then learning a truth. I do ask however those who know the answer please withhold and let’s see how long this takes. I ask this since I will be giving clues which Grays have been screening at us for some time.
Ok so I’ll be giving about 4 or so clues and the first one is:
+ the star system start with “T”.
+ Stan Romanek on 2 different occasions shared crucial information that maps their system and the planet’s and moons they live on.
+ the returned message to the Arecibo message, Which was in the form of a crop circle image also describes their amount of planet’s in their system and which ones they live on.
+ in the past some unknown organization dubbed this star system a variable star which stopped telescopes pointing at it.
+ the system rhymes with “Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence”.

That should be enough clues. I hope that there are those who appreciate my sharing, especially in this fun manner. My aim is to try and get those seeking skills burning. Good luck

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