UFO Sighting in NEW YORK, New York on December 6th 2015 – Went out side; it was a clear sunny day. As i looked up at the sky, i noticed about 20 silver disk, aligning themselves into uniformed patterns. By the time i got a camera they were too faint.

I went out to the front of my house, to check my christmas lights. It was a clear sunny day; as i stared up at the sky. A first thought i ruled out, planes, helicopters and birds. They made uniformed patterns as they hovered at in a straight line going N.E.. My first thoughts were that of a flock of geese at a high altitude. What made me rule out planes, copters, and birds was their constant changing patterns and they aligned in unison for each pattern. To me they seemed like silver colored disc. I wished my son would have seen it or my friends, but luck!. I went to the house to retrieve my digital camera; by then they were too far but i still snapped 3 pictures. After taking the useless photos; kept staring till they were too faint.

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