UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 8th 2015 – 5 lights in a stright line,almost sure one object

i stepped outside my house to smoke and was facing north.i then seen what i thought was a small airplane,but there were to many lghts on it,so i ran in the house to grab my binoculars(10×50), as i looked i seen multiply lights and noticed that its was going in a large circle.the more times i seen it as it passed close to the big beam light from the Luxor i could make out that it was a helicopter, after about 10 mins.and not understanding what it was doing,i glanced to the left and saw 5 lights in a row with space between them. frist thing i thought was where they come from,as i watched and tryed to get an understanding of what i was seeing,they disappeared,or turned off(saw for 10 to 15mins.) seeing the helicopter still circling,i thought to myself they didint in no way seem like 5 lights on 5 objects but rather 5 lights on one object.After about 5 or10 mins.Just like that, there they were again,only this time they seem to have gone higher,although not much.they never moved independly just stay still,speechless and confused they just turned off again.(saw for good 15mins.) i tryed looking where they were with the binoc’s but never saw them again,,after 20|30 mins. of seaching,the wifey finally came out yelling that dinner was done,went in to eat.(end)

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