UFO Sighting in Batavia, Ohio on October 15th 2015 – from a hover to north to south .THIS HAPPEN 4 TIMES OVER 3WEEKS. an was reported on the today show ( nbc ) by others ny and nj

I was just letting the dogs out to use the restroom, and noticed a start blue colored cloud hovering over a factory area. It had hovered for about a minute and had then begin moving from north to south. It had flown directly over me. I had seen that it was oval shaped when it had moved when crossing between me and the stars. At the bottom of the object the blue cloud that I had thouhgt I had saw looked more like a magnetic field. Object was approximently 250-500 feet over me from the front of my house. This had happened on the 1st 2nd and the 4th time that i had seen the object. The second time I had gotten my son outside to see it,but this time it had started going north to south and then had went east from where we were standing. note more sittings had been seen since the writtings of this report. Each sittings where at different times in the early morning hours.

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