UFO Sighting in Crowley, Louisiana on December 9th 2015 – I was watching geese fly over I saw cigar shaped object moving fast toward New Orleans. No sound. No wings. Could see clearly.

I was outside with our yard man. I heard geese flying over. I looked up to watch them and above them was a cigar shaped bright white object traveling at an extremely fast speed. No wings. It made no sound, no com trail and was heading SE in the direction of New Orleans from my house. It only took a few seconds before it was out of sight. I knew immediately it was not a jet or airliner we are on the flight plan to New Oeleans I see commercial airliners on their decent into NO all the time. We also own an air patrol service so I am familiar with aircraft. This was not an airplane. It was early morning and sky was clear. One small wispy cloud only. I fully believe I saw an UFO. Tried to show to my yard man but it was out of sight before I could get his attention.

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