UFO Sighting in Wallasey, on November 5th 1990 – My wife and I were travelling west bound on the M53 looked to my right and there clear as day light is a bronze colour disc craft travelling east as if it was following the motorway.

In November 1990 we were traveling east bound on the M53 to visit friends right opposite Bidston tip.As we were passing the tip on the motorway I noticed to my right a UFO and said to my partner you dont believe in UFOs then well what the hell is that.

We could see it very clear as it was still daylight and the disc was dome shaped and was a brown bronze colour it was moving west along the motorway pass the tip very low and moving slowly.I have a very clear memory of it and my wife.Other people must have seen it and just not reported it like me.

We had a very clear view of it and seen it for the whole time we were on the motorway we couldnt stop and had to keep moving till it went out of sight behind us.

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