Black Triangle Sighting in Newmains, on December 10th 2015 – object was black underneath,and reflected a grey/blueish on topside surface

i was at a friends house in newmains scotland,on the 10/12/2015.I went outside to have a cigarette at 1.15pm.Whilst outside smoking .mt attention was drawn to wht i first thought was a large binliner/large bird,moving through the sky just to the right of the house.As i wathed this object,it tiltedat a 90 degree angle and moved forwards,each time it did this i could see,that it was black in colour underneath,and grey to blueish on the upper surface.Although i was still thinking this was some sort of large plastic bag,i could tell that the object wasnt being blown about in an erratic manner,and was travelling in a direct course and pattern.The sky was clouded in the backgroung,but not foreground,and these were of a pale white colour,as the object kept flipping on its angle the changes in colour against the clouds weere more apparent,and the gry/blueish upperside reflected more within the background of the clouds. It seemed to me that whilst moving,it was flipping and trying to rebalance itself against the upper head winds that were present,although thre wasnt any groung winds that i could make out,cloudy,but without rain.I watched this for 2-4 mins until it faded in the clouds and out of view.I shouted for my friend to come and see what i could see,but unfortunately by the time he had arrived outside and because of the clouds he was unable to observe this .
Mr Eric Cunningham

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