UFO Sighting in Bluff City, Tennessee on December 10th 2015 – saw three maybe four sets of two christmas tree-like lights hovering/flying in various areas

A good friend and myself witnessed a strange sighting in the sky just after sunset on Thursday night, while driving back from Carter County, TN into Sullivan County, TN. We we traveling down Chinquapin Grove Road right around 6 pm. At first I saw them to the left, as I was sitting in passenger seat, but at first it didn’t strike me as odd. Shortly after that I saw them on my right, just above Holston Mountain. There appeared to be several of them and it appeared as if they flew in sets of two. One set was traveling side by side, while another set hovered over the mountain, but they were not side by side, one was above the other. They mostly resembled Christmas trees and were flashing and they were in the sky and did not have the mountains or trees as their background. Each set of two crafts, were not quite the same color. One appeared orangish-red, one appeared bluish-white, for example. We knew they were either suppressed government technology to alien in origin. Each one flashed alternately and their position/distance from each other would change, but they flew in twos for the most part. At one time, it seemed like we witnessed three sets on them in different areas of the sky either moving in a path to hovering, but not completely still. Other people had to have seen this in the area. We stopped alongside Weaver Pike and got out pf the car to get a better look and there was a helicopter with a spotlight coming through the area flowing one of the strange double Christmas tree craft. We did see one flying at a low lever and did have the same type of sound that a jet airplane would make, but much softer for the given distance. They were not conventional aircraft, as those would have to have a green light on the right wing and a red one on the left and a white light on the tail. These appeared nothing like that. The whole incident lasted 20-30 minutes.

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