UFO Sighting in Orangeburg, South Carolina on October 30th 2015 – Taking kids to school. My youngest son and I both observed the original object plus 2 others.

I was taking my two sons to school on October 30, 2015. We had just pulled out of the driveway (still in our neighborhood) when my younger son (he’s 10) says he sees an object flying back and forth faster than anything he has seen before. We drive further ahead to a place where our view is less obstructed by trees and my older son (14) I both see the object. It appears as a white cylinder. We pull over and observe. It goes back and forth at an extremely high rate of speed. About 30 seconds after we first see it, two other similar objects join the first. They make the same type of back and forth movements and the 3 objects form a triangle (not touching, but a triangular formation) and stay stationary for a few seconds then move quickly apart. We could not tell how far away the objects were nor how big. The moved faster than any aircraft I have ever seen and they were not balloons. The could have possibly been drones, but again, the speed was something I haven’t seen before. At least one object stayed in the area until I returned from the school (approx 20 mins) and then moved out of sight at a more normal speed.

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