UFO Sighting in Ridgecrest, California on March 17th 1979 – White ball of light

I have seen many UFOs. This was the first one I have seen.
It was summer and a hot night in the desert of California. I was 10 years old I lived out side of ridgecrest CA. I was riding my bicycle to a friend’s house down a dirt road.it was twilight the sun was down.I knew it would be pitch dark in an hour.I didn’t have much time to get there and back.so I was riding as fast as I could up thee hill when I got to the top.I looked into the sky to see what I thought was the north Star but it was to bright and seemed to be to low in the sky. Suddenly the star began to change colors from bright blue and white and yellow. I came to a hult thinking wow that’s cool the star is changing colors ? Then it got really bright. A��d streecked up into the sky straight above my head in about two seconds. There is nothing on the face of this earth that can do what it did.It moved over ten thousand. Miles in a couple seconds. I almost fell off my bike.now I was starring straight up in to the sky.it stopped on a dime.sat motionless for a few seconds them disappeared like a backward falling star. It was gone.I was in awwh.I put my foot on the peddle and got ready to continue to my friends house.then realized that it was dark already ? But how I thought? It was dusk just a minute ago? How did it get so dark I thought?. So I went back home instead of to my friends house. Some how I was missing about a half hour of time and still can’t explain it to this day.
I have many other encounters to share with you since this event has changed my life.I would love to talk to you further about this. And other sights that you may be interested in collecting evidence. Please feel free to contact me with regards to this.

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