own experience and research on others

Hi everybody,
I guess I could stat by sharing my experience. I was recently meditating (doing a compassion-forgiveness meditation) and was sending forgiveness to the terrorists of the paris attack. In that meitation I had a vision (not a memory, not a thought or imagination, but a vivid reality like experience). I saw myself in a cave with a being cloacked in black, I knelt down and offered love and forgiveness to this being, which it did not receive, or communicate with me in any way at all. As I looked up I saw that it had yellow eyes and scaled skin, its hand was also clawlike and reptilian. I did not feel fear either. I did have a sensation that I had connected witha reality not a product of the imagination, which also comes up a lot in meditation but was not this particular case.
Posterior I looked up on the internet and saw that there are people that claim that there are reptiles who are controlling the world (David Icke and co.) I found this fascinating, my mind wonders between is there an archetype association? or a reality? I have no answers.

Also not long ago my partner and I were star gazing and we both saw a very distant star that moved in ways that a normal aircraft could not, it was like making right angles movements and fast changes in direction. We both observed this for about 10 seconds and then it dissapeared. I was wondering if anybody else had seen similiar.

Furthermore I am doing a social psychology project for the end of my Bsc with honors in Psychology degree and I have decided I would like to study the phenomenological aspect of alien encounters. This means that I am looking for first hand accounts of alien encounters, rich descriptions of what individuals have experienced by interview (skype) or that can be supplied to me in writing. The study is not aimed at proving, disproving, judging or analysing the people nor the events but just getting to know about them and what they mean to the experiencers and how societys view of these experiences are changing – I have noticed that over the last ten years scientists like Stephen Hawking who spoke out saying that the chances that we are the only intelligent life is very slim and so on and since then the attutudes towards the phenomena seems to be softening. I am waiting for an ethics approval from the university for this because there is a possibility that if the events are traumatic for the experiencers to recall then I may not be allowed to do it for ethical reasons. If anybody is interested in participating – they can remain totally anonymous and contact me via this thread.

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