UFO Sighting in Jonesboro, Arkansas on November 21st 2015 – Started out like a cloud on fire and ended up a bright object.

I was driving home from friends. I noticed what looked like a cloud on fire. I thought it might be a light shines from ground but I kept observing it and it went from what looked like a burning cloud in sky to a bright yellow light. I exited off interstate so I could take overpass. I started recording video on cell phone when I was on top of overpass so I could get a higher view without any obstructions. My phone was damp or dirty and made video hazy and all the streetlights and the object look hazy but you can tell where it is. There was no planes or anything in sky at that time. The object was much closer than the video made it look. I continued to record but phone battery was dying and I stopped so I could turn and get on a road that was darker so I could get another video. While I turned to get in head on direction with object it de-intensified and suddenly was gone and I didn’t have time to get another video.

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