UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on December 10th 2015 – Red and green lights in the clear night sky, changing direction and patterns of light!

My husband and I were grilling on the back deck and he noticed some lights in the night sky that were moving irradictly. We watched them go forward and backward up and done all while changing from red lights and green lights it also changed the amount of lights there would be three red lights and then four green lights! It moved all over the sky and continued to change direction and color and amount of lights. My oldest son also came outside and saw these lights! I recorded a small portion of the sighting on my iPhone it didn’t come out as good as seeing it but you can see it change color out of nowhere and you can see no other lights that are typical in planes which fly over all the time. Usually planes having a flashing white light and there was none of that as well as the odd direction changes!

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