Black Triangle Sighting in Wilmington, North Carolina on December 12th 2015 – 3 red light in triangular shape moved in straight line from W/SW towards E/NE at high altitude completely silent.

Approx sometime between 11:30 and 12:30 pm. From Wilmington North Carolina I and towards the west southwest at about 30 degrees from my position in elevation I saw 3 RED LIGHTS in a triangle formation move in a straight line across the whole skyscape going E/NE path. Completely Silent, very high elevation , perhaps at the altitude of a jetliner cruising at its max altitude. But the things that struck me immediately as this being a UFO are 4 key points:
1.) 3 red lights that did not pulsate, flew in fixated position and only three red lights, no spotlights, no green , blue, yellow, or white lights blinking as you would see in all other aircraft.
2.) Completely Silent, no trail of any kind,
3.) Moved across the entire skyscape afrom one side to the other as far as eye could see in only approximately 5-7 seconds.
4.) Viewing With powerful binoculars, This is what I found very strand and interesting, approximately 25-35 minutes later if not sooner a , what I gathered was a military helicopter from the sound and formation of the lights was seen 1/2 mile or so up in the north sky slowly circling and intermittently hovered for a few minutes here and there WITH ITS SPOTLIGHT ON AND FACING HORIZONTAL FROM CHOPPER LOOKING STRAIGHT OUT MOST OF THE TIME AS IF IT WAS SEARCHING for something or possibly had made some kind of visual or contact, though I followed the spotlight in its direction, I could not see anything. But why this is so odd is that the spotlight was pointed straight out from the helicopter even with it occasionally lowering the angle and raised in the angle but it definitely was not as if it was a police or news chopper shining a light straight down to the ground looking for something, this hellicopter spotlight actually remained searching up in the sky itself hovering much of the time wit light pointed at something definately observing or searching, seeming like at times it was definitely in contact with some kind of target at times, though I never did see anything other than the three reds lights I saw about 30 minutes earlier at apparently high altitude.
One other thing about the helicopter, though it was dark and I could not make out any defined surfaces, lights on both its port and starboard side extended out much farther than a normal helicopter almost as if it had small wings on it as an Apache attack helicopter does for instance , and the noise it made was unlike anything commercial it was much more quiet though it was some distance away.

I would say those are the main key points of the sighting. This is a legitimate true claim and UFO by definition. I do take great interest in astrophysics and ma stargazer whenever the sky permits it. And have no gain in reporting such a thing I have read about sighting the three red lights and triangular aircraft I believe there’s supposedly a military craft that’s classified. Is reported to be able to maneuver with these characteristics that I witnessed so that definitely gives more credibility to that theory but of course it could be something not from this world but it definitely is strange and a possible response to it by this helicopter made it even more strange from people who happened to see something in the night sky. This definitely was a very unusual and rare glimpse at something as a civilian. The tries to see things that aren’t there I literally saw this thing and at the very least if not aliens and all that jazz it was some kind of very high tech advanced aircraft developed by what I would guess might be the United States since it was passing over our air space when I saw it. Very interesting sight I won’t soon forget. thank you very much for taking the time.

– Corey

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