UFO Sighting in Del Monte Forest, California on December 12th 2015 – Silver orb observed appox. 0920 looking due west from the Monterey Peninsula bearing north toward Santa Cruz,Ca.and San Francisco.

Classic Orb same as described in 2013 San Antonio report. Moving faster than an airplane but, not super fast. Caught my eye when early morning sun 0920 or so, reflected off of it. Reflected as if turning, not constant. Could not determine altitude or size due to distance. Definitely appeared to be well below 35.000ft plane flight paths. Would guess maybe in the 12-15 thousand ft range. Was due west over ocean but near the shore at about a 10 o’clock position. Seemed to bobble slightly up and down accompanied w/a very thin haze. Observed for appox. 20 sec. or so. Heading due north and lost sight of it, as it went into (?) a very thin haze, in an otherwise cloudless sky. It was clear enough that I could tell that it was a sphere not cylindrical like an airplane.

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