UFO Sighting in Grundy Center, Iowa on November 23rd 2013 – Bright blue orb hovering when doing Fall tillage

I was doing Fall tillage in my field one evening. It was over Thanksgiving week in 2013 and the temps were mild, with no discernible wind. Evening dusk arrives early and I wanted to finish a portion in my Southeast field, there was no moon that nite and a very dark sky. At approx 7 P.M. I stopped my tractor to take a little break to eat a sandwich I prepared earlier. I remain seated in the tractor and grabbed my sandwich and then noticed a very bright blue light about two hundred feet to my right side. I estimate the blue light or orb to be two feet of the ground and the orb being perfectly round. I would guess the orb was 5 foot in diameter. It was the most beautiful blue I had ever witnessed and was darker blue in the center and slowly refracted out to lighter blue on the edges. Hard to describe it and I remember just thinking,��� Gimme me a break���. In the past I had witnessed other anomalies on the farm however nothing like this. At this point I wasn���t nervous or frightened and just could not fathom what it was! I looked away briefly and when I turned to observe it again it had disappeared. Where this happened on the farm was interesting to note, as it is in a low area where anyone driving by would have not been able to see me working the field nor the orb. Til this day I wonder what it could have been or wanted. Thank you for letting me share my story. Curt

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