Alien Encounter in Steinbach Manitoba, Manitoba on October 25th 1979 – got up to take a pee saw a lien on steps

I was about 15 years old had to go pee got out of my bed went to the top of the stairwell turned left to go down the steps to the bathroom I immediately saw an alien and we startled each other because he was halfway down the steps which made him quite tall it seems like about a minute and I finally got myself un frozen from the situation I ran back to my bed and the old farm houses had three round holes in the bottom of the windows which let air in the room if you needed it I peed through that whole down the side of the house and jumped under the covers and hid there till morning till I heard my grandmouther cooking eggs in the morning I immediately we ran downstairs and ask her if the dogs were in that night and she had said no they were outside all night and then I didn’t say anything Because I thought they would think I was crazy!!!!Whats its in my mindis the site of the reflecting eyes staring at me all these years What’s really weird is years later I had an xray done on my head for an unrelated incident and the doctor asked me in a really weird way if I was ever shot in the head and I don’t know it just came over me that what they saw in the x-ray was related to maybe what I seen on the steps that day and I never spoke of it again I just left the doctors They said it was the size of a grain of white rice I swear everything I’ve said in this deposition is true so help me God if you want more details I would be glad to give it to you at this point

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