UFO Sighting in Wisconsin on July 9th 1977 – lost time seen lights comming from the n. lost ntime an ufo wasgoing off to the south

Me an my family was on vac. coming home from wis. dells we all seen a flashing light looked to me as 3 triangles rotating an flashing The reason I bring this up is None of us ever talked about this for30 yrs. then at a holiday gathering me my mom an brother brought it up at the same time to me the feeling that I get from that time is a loss of time I was very young about 10 my older brother an mom has moe memory of this I would like to do a regression to try to remember cause after this happened I had horrific dreams an most came true later in life. ther is something that happened I don’t have a clear memory of but I can still remember the feeling an it haunts me sometimes my family is getting older an this might be the only time we can get the truth of what hppend to us

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