UFO Sighting in Kanab, Utah on December 13th 2015 – Triple funnel clouds rising from behind mountain and shrouding disc like shape in clouds

I was out on my front porch of my home having a cigarette. I noticed the natural light outside around sunset almost felt artificial or surreal. I also noticed that the clouds were moving particularly fast. As I looked over the mountain just South West of my home I noticed three funnel shaped clouds coming up from behind the mountain. Now they looked like the trails that some aircraft leave, but they were vertical in nature and there were no planes/jets in the area. As I followed the trail upward I noticed that the three trails/funnels merged together around a disc like shape that seemed to be ascending into the sky. I snapped some photos as I think that I may have just witnessed a craft taking off. The wind was blowing hard and the other cloud blew on, but the funnels and disc shaped remained after. Over the course of about 20 minutes the shape slowly became transparent and faded from view.

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