UFO Sighting in Covington, Kentucky on December 14th 2015 – Driving down the highway and thought we saw a plane. Then realized it looked like a GIANT upside down drone. No idea what it was.

We were sitting at Perfetti where they make the airheads and heard a loud whoosh sound. My hubby thought it sounded strange but I chalked it up to an airplane. Then, on the way home, we saw this thing in the sky. At first we thought it was a plane. Then we noticed it definitely was NOT a plane. It looked like a huge upside down drone with the legs sticking up in the sky. On the bottom was a dome shaped piece and it looked chrome and glowing. It just kinda hovered there for as long as we could see it, as the driver of the car didnt stop. We thought it was strange. It looked strange, it was way bigger than any other flying object i had ever seen and it amazed me how low it was to the ground.

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