UFO Sighting in Muncy, Pennsylvania on March 31st 1992 – mufon williamsport wave 1992. i saw the craft hovering outside my windown at treetop level.

In 1992 my family lived in a two story farm house in the hills of central Pennsylvania. Our nearest neighbor was a good mile away. The nearest towns were Muncy and Montoursville. The closest city was Williamsport which was about 45 min away.

I was 10 years old. My bedroom was on the 2nd story. when i layed in bed i could see directly out one of the windows in my room onto the green hill that sloped down and then up to cow pasture and high hill. i could also see a solitary pear tree in our front yard about 10-20 yards from the house.

one evening i was woken up by a vibrating sound. i opened my eyes and i saw a huge black craft hovering above the pear tree. it was so big that i could only view part of it through the frame of the the window. it was sleek, black, and it had colored flashing lights on it.

I sat up in bed and stared. I was frozen. I’m getting goosebumps as i write this so many years later. I knew immediately that it was a UFO. I had read about UFO’s in books at the library.

Then there is a period of time I don’t quite remember.

Then i remember being downstairs. My mother was asleep on the recliner. I woke her up screaming “mom there’s a UFO- LOOK!” and i ran to the window and opened the blinds. There was nothing there.

My mother told me to go to bed, I must have had a bad dream. I tried to tell my parents again the next day but they didn’t listen.

For years I told this same story over and over again at parties or to random people but i could never tell it with confidence because i had no proof.

Then one day 15 years later i was at a friend’s house hanging out. I went to the restroom and sitting on the toilet was a magazine that read “Williamsport Wave.” The year read “1992.” I was SHOCKED. On the cover were drawings of the craft i saw. It was the MUFON Journal. I came out of the bathroom screaming “YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BELIVE THIS!!!”

My friend had picked up the journal randomly at Half Priced Books. He didn’t know anything about it- he just thought it looked cool and it was $1. In that journal I read other accounts that matched with mine. The sightings even trace a flight path DIRECTLY through the middle of nowhere that my family lived.

I finally had proof! Now i can tell the same old story with complete conviction. The only part I’m curious about is the time between seeing the object and being downstairs with my mother. Anyways, thank you MUFON for all that you do.

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