UFO Sighting in NONE AVAILIBLE THIS WAS O, California on December 15th 2015 – IF THIS ISNT SMOKING GUN FOOTAGE THEN WHAT IS ??!!!

I have been having many experiences my whole life which has fueled my love of space and searching for answers for it all and fro. Time to time I have an overwhelming urge to see the live is upstream feed it wakes me from sleep in the night at times I just can not explain why. It had been awhile sense I had such an urge until this morning I couldn’t record on my worked ng cellphone but knew I had to document what I was seeing I just wish I had he audio along with it I took notes on what was translated as best as I could .I began re wording approximately 25 minutes afters it began which was at 846 am pacific time ground control gave orders to lock on and begin recording the cosmonauts were audibly shaken .
Space to ground .. We have a lock at 2100 meters and 6.84 range rate we are lock at 857am. They are approaching . ground good we do have a visual.I recorded as much as I could before lost feed and only had audio this thing was completely ambushed apon entering orbit and hopefully you can see the incredibly massive ships that come into view and pass the space station these thing are even larger then it . I wish I had more clear video however due to all the c raft I do believe their cams were distorted due to all the crafts being so close to them too . hope you like any feedback would be awesome thanks and god bless.FOR SOME TEASON IM HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING THIS VIDEO I AM SUBBMITTING THIS REPORT ANYWAYS AND WILL FIGURE OUT HOW TO KGT IT TO LOAD PLEASE BEAR WITH ME THANK YOU..

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