UFO Sighting in Springfield, Vermont on May 31st 1953 – Two observers silent vehicle with five huge lighted oblong windows along the side. Silent and slow moving..

In early evening at dusk my mother and I were in the yard of our farm when we noticed a very long oblong aerial craft moving slowing toward terrain rising on the hill adjacent to the farm. It was completely silent, oblong cigar shaped, with five large lighted windows along the side. I did NOT see any occupants. It appeared to be headed for a collision with part of the hill. It did not collide, but disappeared behind the hill. On the other side of the hill is a numbered route following a river. I have never heard of anyone else who saw the craft; my mother swore me to secrecy because at that time people were ridiculed for seeing/reporting/believing such things as alien craft. However, I KNOW WHAT I SAW – and she is no longer able to stop me from speaking out. I did think, at first, that it was a craft which had lost its engines, thence the silence, but now realize that was not the case.

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