UFO Sighting in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey on December 14th 2015 – I took a picture of my dog on foot of bed the went to window and videoed 26 sec of some ufo. Here’s the crazy part don’t remember actually doing it. It seemed dream like

It was December 14th of 2015 at 4:41 am. I thought I was dreaming my nephew was in the bathroom, so as I waited on the edge of my bed for him to finish I must have grabbed my phone I took a picture of the dog, then something made me go towards the window and start recording immediately afterwards. Next day I’m looking thru pictures to show my friend a picture of my granddaughter when I came across this video. Not I,not my family could believe this video that was taken from my phone. Want to have it analyzed for authenticity as well as having me being put under to find out what really took place. I felt to have something genuine. I knew this is it. My dad said he believed and we thought he was kidding. Only thing that scared me is not remembering taking the picture or video. I need answers

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