Scary Explanation for Blazing Siberian UFO Sighting | VIDEO

Scary Explanation for Blazing Siberian UFO Sighting

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

“Sometimes, even governments seem to prefer people think what they saw was aliens, and not the government’s secret activities.”

      When a spectacular bright object descended from the evening sky on Nov. 17 over several cities in Siberia, many people thought they were seeing a UFO — especially when an official explanation of the event wasn’t immediately offered.

The following video, posted to YouTube by PE Omsk — a local Siberian news service — shows the object as it was captured on videotape by citizens at different locations:

Initial theories and online comments ran the gamut from UFO to an alien wormhole connecting our galactic neighborhood to another, to an undisclosed secret military rocket launch. […]

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