UFO Sighting in Orion charter Township, Michigan on December 10th 2015 – I live on the lake and see what initially appears as “Chinese lanterns” on a weekly basis. I have shown others this and hey agree it’s abnormal and conclude that they are not in fact “Chinese lanterns”.

I smoke outside of my home on the lake. I have observed on a weekly basis what appears to be “Chinese lanterns”. This happens all year round in summer,spring,winter,and fall. I’ve shown other people this anomaly, they’ve agreed it isn’t”normal” in appearance. The lights are Orange, they flicker, not blinking like airplane lights do and seem to change direction abruptly. The lights come in a group of 3-4 as well as a single one, depending on the night. It’s after the sun has set, so around 6-10 pm..I’ve questioned myself a lot with this as it happens so often. I’m not sure if this can be explained away or not. I’m really just looking for answers as to what this could be.

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