UFO Sighting in Utica, Indiana on December 16th 2015 – 6 UFOs hover over old Navy Ordnance site near Utica

We live on the Ohio river on the Kentucky side and I woke up and saw 6 hovering balls of bright white light. there were two smaller ones stacked on top of one larger one then to the right was another stack of three smaller ones. They just floated there. Definitely were not stars because stars do not reflect off the river, only the moon does, but these did reflect. They were all stationary for about 5 minutes then the top two on the left stack suddenly accelerated rapidly to the north. The top two on the right stack accelerated rapidly to the east. The bottom one on the right went north. That left the largest one which hovered in place then slowly traversed east before accelerating quickly east.
Our house has multiple large windows which gives a fantastic view of the river and Indiana. There was no mistaking those lights were above the old Navy ordnance site. It’s now part of River Ridge, of course.

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