Alien Encounter in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canarias on October 27th 2015 – humanoid/person caught in foto

found in a foto i took in october (taken in gran canaria ) i didnt look at the foto until weeks later and noticed something on the centre right that just didnt look right ..well it really looks like person but the head is kinda wierd as you,ll see…i went back a few weeks later and checked a few details ..hieght of the rocks behind “it” etc and positioning….i calculate if it is ideed a “humaoid” to be no more than 120cm tall..going of the rocks in the background wich are sweeping backwards at a shallow angle…im sure theres no way they could have caused the shadow(check out the angle of the sun in the full original version)in the shape of a person or whatever…just wierd .

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