UFO Sighting in California on December 13th 2015 – 3 perfect circle objects lit with grey white and a little yellow that had perfect circle in the center that had no lite that i could see . They were shaped like a washer are a donut. They came from S-SW and headed N-NW .

I woke up to smoke at 2:45am on 12-13-2015. I know what time it was because Icheck my phone when I get up. I get dressed my shoes get a sweater from my closet fine my lighter. I go outside and deside to head to the street and take a look around because someone tried to steal my neighbors licenses plate this week.As I’m walking in my front yard I look up to the sky south-southwest and see 3 flat round donut-washer. Perfect circles .The centers were perfect circles as well. The center circle was not illuminated and the outside one was twice as big as the center with a white-grayish and a little bit of yellow light. The lights were not very bright at all. All 3 were exactly the same size, color and traveling at the same speed. Their was 1 in front the 2nd was about 600-1000yds behind in a straight line and the 3rd was 700yds west of the 1st and 2nd and about 400yds from the 2nd “behind”object and the 300yds from the 1st object “in front”. I’m still seconded guessing myself on what I’m looking at. Then it hits me. So I run inside and grab my phone to take video. My phone clock was 2:53 am when I looked at it out side . They continued to head north the 3rd object moved closer to the 1st”front”object . It was quick and I tried to take video and pictures but I was to amazed. Their was a bright light at the end of the apartment complex next to my place. They disappeared into the clouds and the security light was to big to see passed.

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