UFO Sighting in DeLand, Florida on November 15th 2014 – went to view space station fly over and saw ufo

early morning outside to catch view of space station fly over, looking to south waiting for first site of station fly over not knowing what to expect, then I saw what appeared to be a strange site it appeared as four fluorescent x’s in a rectangle shape with the x’s pulsating with bright yellow round lights at the x’s corners flashing, made no sound, no vapor trail either, I was amazed because it was below the clouds, because I thought is that the station ? due to it being below the clouds I knew it couldn’t be the station, I was in kind of a shock state because I have never seen anything like it and I have observed various types of aircraft in flight, upset that I didn’t have a camera to log the event, and being alone I didn’t have anyone to agree to my siting, so I drew a picture of what I saw, there were no other planes or any type of aircraft in the area. it continued straight north and went out of site.

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