UFO Sighting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 18th 2015 – Smoke trail going straight up, then a space a then bright dot appeared

On my way into work 12/18/2015 at 6:45am I saw something strange. I live in Weston, Florida and take 595 east into Davie. If I kept going on 595 it would take me passed the airport and then into Ft. Lauderdale. Passed that the Atlantic Ocean.

Every once in a while I see this smoke trail in the distance that goes straight up. It is always in the same spot around the same time. I observe this being made and it always seems weird. It looks like it is well beyond the airport. It may be a plane taking off, climbing and headed out over the ocean, like I know they do, but I work really close to the airport and like I said it is way out there in the distance.

This morning was different. As i watched the single smoke trail going straight up it ended. Then if you took your thumb and forefinger about 7 inches away from the end of the trail, there was a bright yellow orange dot that lasted about a minute. I have no idea how far that is at that distance away from me, a few thousand feet? It looked like it went behind some whispy clouds and vanished. The light followed the same smoke trail going straight up. It was just weird, I follow you guys on FB and thought I’d report it.

I was driving and in traffic so no picture.

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