UFO Sighting in Vilnius, Vilnius County on June 21st 2015 – Flashing lights near our house.Weeks before,saw a black helicopter.

It was late summer and i was chilling in the balcony with the cool summer breeze.Then after some hours,i noticed something flashing and hovering in the sky.My thoughts were at first that it was an airplane,but then i noticed that it stood and did go forward.The UFO was hovering and didn’t emit any sound,but it was emitting strange lights randomly like White,Red,Blue.It then proceeded to descend into the air very slowly.My first sight at the UFO was that i was shocked.I never ever have seen a UFO in my life and now i did.I was still observing the UFO and to my surprise,it doesn’t go away until the next morning.

Now the strangest part of this is that 1 week before the sighting,my mom saw a black helicopter escorting what looks to me like a military airplane or something.There were total 3 witnesses who saw the UFO:Me,my mom and my school bro who saw the same light in his house garden.Other than that,i have a very strange thing to say:

I see it everyday,the same spot,the same house.

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