UFO Sighting in Akron, Ohio on December 12th 2015 – spherical – looked like fire in a glass ball size of a space capsule

My wife and I were driving north on US 8 through Akron. As we were leaving the city lights, we noticed the object coming from the northeast. It was so different from other lights as it came into sight, it was hard to miss for us. My wife had seen a shooting star earlier before we got in the city, so she was looking up and watching the stars. The object came across at a steady speed, which I estimate because it passed over us on the road which also gave me an idea of scale. I slowed down as there wasn’t a lot of traffic. As it turned more to the east after passing over us we lost sight of it as there were trees on the roadside. After passing them, we could no longer see the object. It must have sped up or dramatically changed direction while we were out of sight of it because with the direction and speed it had been going, it should have still been in sight after we passed the trees.

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