UFO Sighting in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey on September 2nd 2013 – Swimming outside and looked up to see a fast moving orb that I’m sure wasn’t a balloon

I was swimming outside and spotted it.
I noticed it because I was laying on my back on the water and thought it was strange.
At first I though it was a balloon because I haven’t seen anything like it before, but when I told my friends to look up, I soon realized it wasn’t.
It was moving at a steady pace in a straight line towards the east showing no hesitation or bumps from wind interference and there was nothing sticking out or any noise. Just a gray sphere thing going straight.
I was confused and a bit weirded out by this signing but I didn’t think much of it till I was watching a very similar story on the smithsonian Channel
It just kept going and I had no intention of chasing it but I watched it till it was out of sight. It was lightly raining a bit later.

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