UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 29th 2015 – Rocket like contrail with mushroom like head hangs in sky then dissappears

On the morning of November 29, 2015 I was in bed looking out my door and through the living room window NE from nanaimo BC. The area I had visibility of would be North of Vancouver, Canada, at least 26 miles away as that is how far it is to the mainland coast.

As I was laying in bed I noticed what appeared to be a jet contrail fairly high (obviously to generate the contrail) originating from the NE and heading SW, a path that if followed would eventually lead somewhat over my location. The smoke trail was against the clear blue sky, although there was a low cloud bank this morning in question at what I would guess was 800 feet and lower (my residence is approximately 500 feet above sea level (measured by engineer)). I thought that this was an odd path as I have NEVER seen an aircraft with that orientation. Note that Vancouver Airport (YVR) is near the area in question (but not in my observable view and estimating some 50 miles from where I would say the ‘object’ was) and I watch aircraft take off and land on a regular basis. For an object to generate a contrail like I was witnessing I speculated it must be fairly high and neither FROM Vancouver Airport (YVR) nor going TO it. I then mused it’s point of origin, following a straight-line-guess would be somewhere in mid British Columbia to Northern Alberta.

Puzzled by this I got out of bed to go look at it with binoculars. Using Bushnell 10X25’s I located the object and came to note that it appeared more of a smoke plume as left by a rocket launch than a jet contrail. While the column of smoke did not extend to the ground (or lower cloud cover as in my view), it did taper to nothing on the Earth-end of it. On the higher point, where one would expect to see a rocket (for this kind of smoke column) there was simply a mushroomed-headed cloud end-point. At NO TIME was an object ever observed, nor was an aircraft visible in the observable airspace.

I then placed my binoculars down to obtain a second set of 15X25’s. When I looked back through the window, raising the binoculars to my eyes, there was somewhat of a blink (as if a camera flash had gone off) and the smoke cloud/contrail was no longer visible. It simply vanished. This is hardly how I would have expected smoke/contrail to ‘dissipate’. It was simply gone.

Points to note:
-at no time was an airborne vehicle (terrestrial or other) ever detected in the viewing area
-at no time was the contrail/smoke cloud changing in size or orientation
-the sun was south of the smoke trail, lighting it as one would expect with bright white and variants of grey
-viewing distance guesstimate: 30 to 50 miles from me
-length of smoke cloud guesstimate: greater than 300 metres
-width guesstimate: from minimal to nothing on the terrestrial end of it, gradually growing to what I would guess as 100 metres before the “mushroom head” which was probably double that (200 metres)
-all the while my wife was in bed playing on her tablet and while amused at my commentary, never actually shifted her position to look and verify it existed

**This LITERALLY looked like there SHOULD be a rocket on the end of it heading skyward, but as a Canadian… well there ain’t no space program… or rocket program… or anything really….

I can include a sketch given time (I just saw that was an option below)

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