UFO Sighting in Waipahu, Hawaii on December 19th 2015 – Star-sized object from N transited space like a satellite, then made directional turn to NE.

I went outside my house in the early morning (approximately 5:45A) to walk my dog. I normally look up at the night sky. After a few minutes, I looked up and viewed the Big Dipper. Then, just to the right and slightly below its handle from the north appeared a small star that seemed to move. From the intermittent cloud cover overhead, I figured I was witnessing cloud movement in relation to this star. I thought maybe this was a satellite.

To my surprise, and within about 5 seconds, I observed this satellite/star object move past other star positions rather quickly, and for another 15 seconds I saw it transit further away from the handle of the Big Dipper. It then made an immediate 60 degree directional change taking it NE. Because of the somewhat abrupt change in direction, I realized this could not be a satellite, or other high-flying aircraft. Due to the cloud cover, I was unable to observe this object any further.

I did not see, or hear any aircraft present at this time; the altitude appearance of this object matched that of stars.

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