Possible Elongated Skull found at a mountain on Mars

In detective stories, as the plot thickens, an unexpected discovery often delivers more questions than answers.

In this case, the scene is a mountain on Mars. The clue: The discovery of a possible elongated skull.

The skull is similar to the Paracas skulls, the largest found in the world, which are believed to date back around 3,000 years.

Paracas skulls show specific characteristics that would seem to indicate that they were in fact born this way, which are not at all common to Homo sapiens.

Brian Foester ever explained that these beings with their elongated skulls are either ‘a different species’ or ‘a mix of human and alien DNA’. Ancient text have been telling us about these ‘hybrid beings’ for thousands of years while the Bible refers to these hybrids as ‘The Nephilim’.

Link high resolution image:

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