UFO Sighting in Barstow, California on April 30th 1994 – large glowing shere

I was stationed at ft irwin ca. Durring a training exersize a latge glowing blue shere desended over the top of one of the NASA GOLDSTONE satalite dishies thar was rotated directly upward. The shere lit up the entire area to the point it caused shadows to be cast. It was roughly 10 – 11 pm on a clear sky with no moon. The exact day i do not remember. This was witnessed by well over 1000 soldiers. The shere desended then hovered over the dish for roughly 30 minutes. Then elevated directly back into the sky until it could no longer be seen. The event itself caused mass communication messages to be broadcast over every frequency that the units involved in the training exersize. Until highercommand ordered all communicate to be stopped. The messages were wide from people jomig about an alien invasion to people stating it was the end of the world. At one point people started preaching scripture. When the event began the airspace was clear of traffic. By the end of it there were high flying jet aircraft and low flying helecopters in the area. Many poeple joked about this as it was a not so average occurance i this area. When asking about it later most people would just ignore it happened. Others just didnt want to talk about it. Some would write it off as a training event. The area itself has many unexplained issues. Unmapped airfield that aircraft land but when you get to the area there is nothing. A supposed abandond camp established durring ww2 for japanese americans that were detained. A path cut through the north mountian range into a no fly no trasspass area that has heavy military ground fortifications around a group of buildings not on any maps.

While i was there i looked for some of these things. I was assigned as the S3 air shop in the plans and operations forone of the units and part of the job was putting together the maps for the area for training. Also durting the exersizes i was one of the radio techs that monitored multipul frequencies. I have been all over the training areas an still remember many details. If there is anyplace that needs a look in should be here. The combined military control is the air force. Army and the nasa communications center. The area of control scales 6×4 on 50000 scale maps placed togther. Covering three mountian ranges along with the valley between the ranges in the mohave desert

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