UFO Sighting in Canton, Illinois on September 15th 1997 – pulled into a field to pick up my semi, suddenly see giant straight line lights 3x longer thn semi hovering above as if looking at it, all lights went out in pairs from each end til dark. No visible craft no sound, we didnt see it until within 150 feet

start by saying this was a up close and personal account. absolutely no way i can explained.
It was harvest time in central Illinois, in the afternoon I had dropped off my semi in a soybean field for the farmer to fill up. about 10 pm my brother went with me in the pickup to go get the semi. it was a nice clear dark night. prob 70 degrees no wind. the field was near the end of a one lane road only 5 miles off the highway. several houses scattered around the area. the terrain is nearly flat with many trees and wooded areas around. this field was in a clearing of trees about 150 acres. as i turned left off the road into field my semi was 100 feet ahead. just as the pickup turned into the gate we see giant lights straight ahead thru windshield. i freeze and stop the truck. There were 10 or 12 of them, in a straight line shining bright white light. it was double length of my semi, which is 70 feet, and was lighting up the semi and ground surrounding it. it was very close, about treetop high. there is no other equipment left and no crops standing. were out in a flat empty field. whatever or whoever behind the lights was apparently checking out the semi truck. within a minute or 2 of us pulling up the lights went out in pairs, starting at each end about 1 second apart until it was dark. just like each pair was on a separate switch and you flip them one at a time. the lights were similar in color and brightness to stadium lights in a football field and appeared about that high up. there was no sound, so moving air felt. we never saw a structure because the lights were too bright for our eyes to adjust maybe?? Now when thinking back it seems very strange that we didn’t see these lights as driving up the lane. we would have had a clear sight and at least would have seen the glowing. as we pulled in the field the lights were already there-they didn’t light up or appear after we were there. Then After the light went out i asked my brother’did you see that?” he said “yes”. i pulled on up beside the truck pretty shaken up. i didn’t see any marks in the dirt. i climbed up the trailer and looked at the bean piles with flashlight but didn’t see any footprints or any disruptions in the piles. they were rounded up nice and clean just as they should be. it was eerily still, or seemed that way at least. the semi started normally. no idea what this was. i watch alot of ufo programs these days and haven’t heard anybody describe similar sightings to mine. but i know what i saw and have become a believer without a doubt. if it were our own secret government technology, what possible reason would they have to be checking out an outdated 1979 semi truck in a field loaded with soybeans? my primitive imagination suggests simply it was genuine curiosity. maybe they’ve never seen an old 2 cycle v8 diesel engine free of any electronic control and were trying to understand how it works. lol who knows. i kept this to myself because if i tried to tell this story to anyone they would immediately suspect i was smoking crack. crazy how successful this subject has been covered up. possibly the being themselves are able to manipulate humans. maybe they are already controlling EVERYTHING, and created us to begin with. haha–we are designed to be incapable of comprehending anything beyond our own reality, right??? anyways i feel better sharing. maybe this will help another case somewhere thanks

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