UFO Sighting in Plymouth, Michigan on October 9th 2015 – See photos/appeared on my phone taken by brings. I believe I was abducted that night

I was at home at the address above which is a condo. I’ve had some paranormal happenings for the last few years. I was fighting with my boyfriend and he decided to sleep out in his van in the driveway. I was lighting a cigarette on the stove and had a scratch off ticket in my hand. The next thing I know I’m waking up on the floor of my bathroom in fetal position. The cigarette I had and ticket were on the floor in the kitchen apparently id dropped them. And then a few days later I looked at my phone and saw these 40 pics that neither I or my bf had taken. When u truly look at the detail you see they are other worldly and cannot be faked. I’d love if someone could get back to me on this. All my contact info is recent. I have more photos than I could post.

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