Black Triangle Sighting in Henderson, Tennessee on February 20th 1996 – it looked like a bright star off behind trees, then it got brighter and brighter then it was hovering over us with wind and two bright beams of light pointing down on us.

My best friend and I were in the woods at her families land of their future home. It was on a hill and very heavily wooded and secluded area. We were lying on the hood of her car just looking up at the sky talking. She saw the light first and thought it just a bright star. Then as it moved and got brighter she pointed it out to me. We kept watching it get brighter and closer wich was happening at an alarming rate. It seemed just like seconds it was right in front of us. We froze not able to process what was happening. It hovered and wind just lots of loud whirling wind everywhere and then the 2 square bright boxy like lights beamed right onto us. It came even closer. We believed it was after us. It was a triangle shape and we could see directly under it itwas just very dark but I could see indentions and a couple of details under it such as the gray tone to it. It all happened so was so quick our hearts were pounding we screamed get outa hear. So we scramble to get off the hood and into the car. My friend put the car in reverse to turn it around and the wind was still on top of us it seemed to follow us for a few seconds it got very close to us maybe it was hovering half a treetop above us at the time we were leaving.When we were driving we were so scared we never looked back. Just frozen and a mad will to survive. We had had no alcohol or drugs. We were good girls and we drove to a church next to her house and sat there to reflect on what just happened. We did not talk to many people about it. I just told my fiance and we never much talked about it after to each other. I had no idea about MUFON.

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